Cleaning, restoration and evaluations

We undertake cleaning, restoration and evaluation of all kinds of carpets.

When cleaning, we cooperate with one of the best cleaning companies in northern Europe. If there is very special antique/old carpet which needs more attention and care than usual in the cleaning procedure, we send the carpet to our company in Tehran.

Our skilled staffs, both in Gothenburg and Tehran, do all kinds of repairs and restoration. Very special antique carpets are sent to our main office in Tehran in order to get excellent results.

We evaluate rugs and carpets upon request. We will provide a certificate or verbal evaluation.

For cleaning and/or restoration work, please visit our gallery in Gothenburg.


Contact Information

Gallery I:

Monemis Mattor,
Engelbrektsgatan 59, S-411 17 Göteborg, Sweden
Phone +46 31- 774 20 30, Fax +46 31- 69 88 50

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